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Throw a Sweet 16 on a Budget

Tent for Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 party is a major milestone that's gotten plenty of attention in recent years. With reality shows featuring lavish affairs, this occasion is more of a decadent event than just another birthday party. Even though lux is what your teen expects, it's easy to get the feel of an overly-expensive event for less. Take a look at what you need to know about planning a Sweet 16 on a budget.

Book Your Backyard

Instead of spending on an indoor venue, save money and book your own backyard. Don't worry about a backyard Sweet 16 turning into just any other birthday bash. Unlike the parties of your child's younger years, this one is a sophisticated moment - and deserves a sophisticated treatment.

How can you transform your backyard from swing set-filled suburbia to an elegant Sweet 16 space? Consider these options:

  • Rental tent. Dress-up your yard, and make the outdoor area an almost indoor-like setting. Not only does a tent provide cover, but it gives you the opportunity to add colorful drapes of fabric, privacy curtains (if you have nosey neighbors), or outdoor lighting.

  • Party lighting. Instead of your regular outdoor porch lights, create a colorful décor scheme with party lighting. Depending on your teen's wants and the party's needs, you can add a disco effect with flashing lights or go with something subtle and simple.

  • Luxurious linens. While paper napkins and plastic tablecloths served you well for your child's other birthdays, this party requires something that's much more adult. Along with renting a tent and a light display, rent banquet tablecloths, overlays, runners, napkins, and more.

You can also dress your deck area with colorful cushions. This addition creates an extra seating area for the kids to relax in.

Save on Invitations

While weddings typically require paper invitations, a birthday party such as a Sweet 16 does not. How should you invite guests if you're not choosing paper invitations? These popular picks will save you money and time:

  • E-invitations. Digital versions of standard party invitations are an easy option that most teens have no problem using. Likewise, adult guests may find this mode of invite easier to manage.

  • Social media page.  A Facebook events page for the Sweet 16 allows you to invite guests, give guests information on who is/isn't attending, and provide you with an easy way to update everyone on the party's progress. You can also use the page to share photos afterwards.

  • Text. If the majority of the guests are teens, they'll probably prefer a text to an actual envelope in the mail. You'll also have a digital record at your fingertips of who is/isn't coming. Send the texts to the guest's parents as well for an emergency phone number list.

Not only will the teenage guests probably prefer a digital invitation, but older (adult) family and friends will appreciate the fact that you're saving paper - and the planet too.

Rent Dishware and Glassware

Using your own dishware and glassware can certainly save you money. But very few parents have enough of either to serve an entire Sweet 16 party full of people. If you're not sure whether to rent or not, consider these advantages:

  • Lower price. When saving money is a major priority, spending on dozens of brand-new plates, bowls, and glasses can blow your budget.

  • Quality. While paper products and plasticware saves money, it won't impress your guests. Renting china and glassware provides you with high-quality choices at a lower price point than buying your own.

  • Selection. You'll have a choice of different colors and patterns to pick from, making it easy to match the rest of the Sweet 16 party décor.

Renting china and glassware can do more than just save you money - it can save you time. You won't have to pre-wash the table settings or worry about a post-party clean-up.

Do you need to rent a tent, lighting, or china for your teen's Sweet 16? Contact L&L Tent and Party Rentals for more information.

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