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How to Create a Stunning Tropical-Themed Wedding at Home

Tropical-Themed Wedding
Not every couple can afford to plan a destination wedding in the tropics. But if your passion is the islands, bringing some of that exotic destination to your own backyard can create the wedding of your dreams - even if you have to keep it local. 

How can you bring the romance and fun of the islands home? Here are a few easy ways.

Take It Outside

While you can have a great tropical-themed wedding inside a standard wedding venue, it will be easier and more authentic to take the wedding outside. Ideally, choose a site with some water elements. If you can't do a beach-side wedding, consider a river or stream-side venue. Even a park or golf course with water features in the background would add to your ambiance.

An outdoor tent wedding is easy to transform with little extra effort. The greenery and water around you do half the work of decorating. String small white lights along the ceiling or drape retro Edison lights across the interior, then focus on bringing a tropical feel to the table decorations. 

Keep It Natural

Some couples shy away from a tropical theme because it can get too cheesy or filled with kitsch. The trick to avoiding this problem is to decorate with natural objects.

Loose flowers and petals make simple but stunning decorative elements, so use them liberally. If you're on a budget, use flowers that are common and inexpensive in your area, then sprinkle in a few statement flowers such as orchids, plumeria, or hibiscus. Use bold colors, like the popular purple Dendrobium and white plumeria, to add contrast to your decorations.

You can work many other natural elements into a tropical theme. Small water features will add the right background noise and provide a great focal point for decorations. Use smooth, dark river rocks as a contrast to the soft flowers. Incorporate greenery, such as palm leaves and pineapples. Real plants and fresh fruit can provide the finishing touches. 

Be Playful

While you want to create a romantic and classy event, don't forget to have a little fun too. You can do it without veering into kitsch by being selective. 

Need some fun ideas? Serve cocktail hour from a grass-covered tiki bar or provide an island-themed photo booth for guests. Have the bridal party learn a little hula and perform for the bridal couple. Serve fanciful tropical juices and juice-based cocktails. Decorate with pineapple-shaped name cards or put pineapples on your cupcakes. Or give your bridesmaids tropical robes and flip-flops while they're getting ready. 

Use Traditions

Your favorite islands probably have many traditions and icons that you can bring into your wedding day. The traditional look of leis are an easy choice for Hawaii enthusiasts. Why not exchange leis during your ceremony or present them to your close family and friends? Are you more of a Jamaica fan? Design a signature rum-based drink for cocktail hour. Hire a local dance company to perform traditional dances, like the Fijian meke, during the reception. 

This is a chance to enjoy what you love most about island life and culture. It will also create a stunning effect that your guests will remember forever.

No matter what your budget is or how you want to celebrate island life, you can create the perfect day. Start by checking out the tents and accessories available at L & L Tent and Party Rentals today. From chairs and tables to the perfect island prop, we can help you execute your vision just like you want it, so give us a call to speak with our experienced and capable staff.

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