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Decorate a Wedding Tent With Nature

Wedding Tent
When planning an outdoor wedding in a garden, park, or outdoor venue, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. To accomplish this, rent a wedding tent from an experienced tent rental company and hire a knowledgeable wedding coordinator.
To emphasize the beauty of an outdoor wedding, you can use a nature-inspired theme that includes growing trees, local plants, flowers in season, and natural wood furnishings. Here are a few ways to obtain and use this theme in a wedding tent.
Decorate the Tent Supports
To give your wedding tent an organic look and atmosphere, have a florist create green garlands of leaves, ferns, and vines. Ask your tent specialist to decorate your interior tent supports with these garlands when they put up the tent.

Install a Canopy
As an alternative to decorating the interior tent supports, have your tent company attach steel cables horizontally across the tent supports underneath the peaked top roof. This will create a canopy within the tent.
Ask your tent specialists to wrap this canopy with the garlands created by your florist, and hang small individual lights from the canopy to create soft interior light.

Decorate With Growing Trees
To create points of interest in the tent, rent trees in wooden planter boxes from a tree service. Have them placed around the perimeter of the tent, near the dance floor, next to the guest tables, and around the interior tent supports.
To add twinkle and sparkle to the trees, have the trunks and lower branches wrapped with strings of battery-operated mini-lights. Have the light control box for these lights placed at the base of each tree trunk.

Hanging Flower Arrangements
To decorate the wedding tent with flowers, have your florist create flower arrangements for each table. Ask your tent specialists to suspend these arrangements upside down from the tent roof supports instead of placing them on the tables.
This display method will give your wedding guests lots of room when seated at their tables and allow them to clearly see the other guests and activities in the tent.

Decorate Guest Tables
To complement the hanging flower arrangements, have your florist make loose and feminine floral centerpieces that have a low profile. Place them in the middle of each guest table. For continuity, use the same flowers in these centerpieces as in the hanging flower arrangements.

Use Natural Wood Throughout the Tent
To create a rustic look, rent wooden guest tables and set them with placemats and without tablecloths. To coordinate with these tables, you can rent wooden chairs with padded seats covered in a garden print fabric or other fabric that matches your tent decorations.
At one end of your wedding tent, have your tent rental company install a wooden dance floor and a raised wooden bandstand for a live band or DJ station. Decorate the bandstand or DJ station with green garlands from your florist.

Create a Selfie Station
For an interactive and economical way to document your wedding, set up a selfie station in the wedding tent with several instant-print cameras and selfie sticks. You can rent these cameras and selfie sticks at camera rental shops locally or online.
Decorate this selfie station with chairs, green trees, and flowering plants. Post a sign to ask guests to take instant-print selfies and to post them on a nearby display wall.
For an outdoor wedding tent decorated with a nature-inspired theme, contact L & L Tent and Party Rentals. Our specialists can guide you to select the perfect tent and customize it for your event. Call us with your ideas and we will make them happen.

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