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4 Tent Rental Add-ons Ideal for Beach Weddings

Wedding tents
Beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the world, and the natural beauty often makes the most ideal backdrop for weddings.

If you've decided to have a beach wedding, consider a party tent rental to provide an organized and private area for the event. A party tent will protect you from the hot sun, and you can choose multiple addons to help accommodate with the beach setting.

Learn about these rental add-ons and how you can have the most spectacular beach wedding reception.

1. Framed Tents

One of the biggest problems with a beach wedding is dealing with all the sand, which has a tendency to get everywhere. One way to help limit the sand is with a framed tent. Along with the perched tent top, a framed tent extends downward to include walls on all sides of the tent. The walls will often have windows built into them so you and your guests still enjoy the extravagant ocean views.

The walls on the side of the tent will help block out the wind coming from the beaches. Beaches are known for higher winds, and you do not want swoops of sand flying into your reception or getting on any food you may be serving.

2. Dance Floors & Stages

Whether your wedding reception tent is set up on a sandy area or a grassy area near the beach, the ground will not typically be firm and fully supported. A softer ground area may make it hard for guests to move around or dance throughout the wedding reception.

Add on both dance floors and stages to help improve the walking conditions underneath the tent. A large dance floor provides a flat and smooth surface guests will enjoy during the reception. Raised stages provide areas for DJs along with general areas where guests may give toasts or speeches.

3. Generators

Other outdoor venues may have access to power supplies where cables connect to, but beaches are typically more natural without power sources. That's where a generator comes in. When day transitions to night, generators will provide you with the ability to power a collection of lights.

You can also use generators to provide entertainment options, including power for DJ equipment, speakers, and microphone sound systems. If you have electric cooking equipment, a generator can supply the power to them.

Place the generator rental outside of the tent to help minimize the noise and make its appearance less noticeable.

4. Food Items

Along with having catering delivered to guests, consider renting concession stands to serve extra food. Concession rentals offer a lot of fun ways to provide food and snacks to guests all throughout the reception. On a beach, you may have limited access to cooking and refrigeration options, so concession rentals offer ways to provide freshly made snacks and treats.

For example, one of the items you may rent is a popcorn machine. Before dinner is served, guests may enjoy some freshly popped popcorn as a nice treat. If you showcase any type of video or slideshow, the popcorn goes well with the video presentation.

Food concession rentals are also ideal for serving up fun desserts. Both snow cone machines and cotton candy machines provide a fresh dessert option to go along with the wedding cake. The custom flavor options of both desserts also provides you a way to showcase your wedding colors in an edible form.

For all of your party rental needs, contact us at L & L Tent and Party Rentals. We have a lot more than just party tents and will help you plan the ultimate wedding reception.

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