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4 Dos And Don'ts Of Planning An Outdoor Company Event

Outdoor Company Event
Having an outdoor work event can empower you to balance a fun, outdoor ambiance with the serious intentions for the gathering. Having the event outdoors can help you take advantage of the natural beauty of an area, and the scenic surroundings can help guests relax and have fun. Follow these dos and don'ts when planning an outdoor corporate event.
Do Offer Gentle Suggestions for How People Should Dress 
When you create your invitations to send to employees, try to look at things from their perspective. Consider what your employees will need to know in the invitation. Since some employees may not know how to best dress for an outdoor work event, it's a good idea to offer some suggestions. If you want to have a casual picnic vibe, suggest that attendees wear casual attire to the event.
On the other hand, if you are going for a more formal affair with your outdoor event, let guests know in no uncertain terms how formal the event is and how you prefer they dress. Rather than perceiving such instructions as demanding, guests will likely breathe of sigh of relief because they can then feel confident in how they choose to dress.
Don't Assume People Will Entertain Themselves 
Although your work family may all get along well, it can feel different and even a little weird to some employees when they socialize outside of the office environment. Prepare things for the event that will help break the ice and plan to help everyone relax and feel at ease with each other at the event.
One thing you can do is hire a band to perform live music at the event. You don't have to keep live music going for the entire event, but having some lovely music create a festive atmosphere when guests first arrive may be a good idea. Alternately, you must hire a DJ to play fun music in the background.
Also, you may give each guest a packet when they arrive that includes pieces for a game or things they may need for activities that will be held at the event. Just make sure that you don't burden guests with a heavy bag to carry around. Keep things light and simple when it comes to party handouts.
Do Plan Months in Advance When Possible 
Work events often demand extra time from employees in an already hectic schedule. With family commitments and other personal plans going on throughout the year, workers need and deserve plenty of advance notice to attend mandatory work events. It's considerate to give them plenty of time for optional events, too, because many employees will likely want to attend.
You may choose to plan an event that takes place each year, so employees start to know what to expect from these events. Some businesses have semi-annual picnics.  That way, you can also let workers know the dates for the anticipated event with plenty of time to prepare. Employees who go every year will know what to expect and can more fully embrace the event each year.
Don't Forget the Importance of Good Food 
Don't neglect the catering! Offer plenty of good food. In addition to meals, you may offer some snacks and even fun concession-style food like hot dogs, snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy. The fun food options can help lighten the mood for the whole event and help people further embrace the jovial mood for the work event. 
Finally, keep in mind that planning an outdoor event is a multifaceted endeavor. For help with your outdoor event needs, contact L & L Tent and Party Rentals. We can help you with everything from a terrific selection of tents to concession options. Your employees will be thankful and will never know you had help planning your corporate event. 

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